Woehrle's Bait Shop carries a wide variety of live bait items. Shiners in four sizes, fathead minnows in two sizes, stone catfish (often ALBINO stone cats), Giant Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Spikes, Mousees, Butterworms, and Leeches are all on the menu at Woehrle's. Other seasonal items are often on hand, including Suckers, Emerald Shiners, Herring, and other hard to find baits. Bulk packaged bait is available, with multiple cup discounts of popular products such as Canadian Nightcrawlers, Red Trout Worms and Giant Mealworms. Email for the latest 'flat' prices for Canadian Nightcrawlers! Minnows are available by the pound, with oxygen bag packing offered as an attractive option for lengthy trips. The Pocono Bait Shop is open every day from March 15 through October 15.

Make Woehrle's Bait Shop your headquarters for trips to Canada, as well as all points in the Northeast United States. Call to reserve bulk quantites for pick up on a specific date, with 'while you wait' oxygen bagging for ease of transport.

Woehrle's Bait Shop sells Nightcrawlers, Dillies, Neons,
and Red Trout Worms from Jumbo Bait Company.

Stop in today and see why Woehrle's is
The Pocono Bait Shop!